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PFT Commenter Tries Out For The XFL.... In an RK?



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"Talking Helmets" with Don and Todd Hewitt, 44 years with the  L.A. & St. Louis Rams

Baylor University's Rich History

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Cleveland Browns Heritage Hall

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Nebraska 300

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Ernie Davis... back where he belongs

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Hollywood Will Never Be The Same
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Rocky Bleier & Xavier High School

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Chargers  "Gear Through the Years"  Mountaineers

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After Forty Years Bubba Finally Comes Home

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Retiring The Legendary 44 at Syracuse University
While Looking Ahead

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When the wife complains just say.........

The character of a football helmet captures the essence of a sport better than any other piece of equipment. Helmet shape and composition determine the specific era in which it was used. Helmet battle scars can reflect a specific player position or style of play.  Changes to helmet logos and color schemes usually symbolize a failing team's effort to rebuild itself. Customized padding may indicate a player's specific sensitivity to injury. The angle slant of a receiver's one bar facemask reveals how much he was willing to sacrifice protection for additional visibility and performance. Red or blue paint over spray on the inside edges of the helmet suggest that the player may have been exceptionally talented and a member of an All-star or Pro Bowl squad. Conversely, excessive facemask attachment holes drilled in the shell probably indicate that the helmet is a "hand me down" and was last worn by a reserve type player. These are just a few of the endless examples that show how the flavor of the sport can be savored through the nuances of a football helmet.

Helmet Hut is an electronic helmet museum that provides historical information and pictures related to professional and college football helmets that were worn from the 1950s through the 1970s. Actual game worn helmets are featured along with "Authentic Helmet Hut Reproductions"  that proudly display the "Helmet Hut" trademark inside each shell.