Lenny Moore 1965
(game worn)


Mr. Lenny Moore is the answer to the question of what was so special about pro football's glory years from the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. Lenny's accomplishments on the field are only exceeded by his lifelong reputation as a classy and humble gentleman. The record books detail his remarkable football accomplishments including 113 touchdowns, seven Pro Bowls and two NFL championships in his 11 year Hall of Fame career. More telling is how a true Baltimore Colt's fan would define the word miracle with one simple phrase, "Unitas to Moore" The flanker position was actually invented for this great man who could catch (48 TD's) as well as he could run with the ball (65 TD's). Known as "The Reading Flash" since high school Lenny was also nicknamed "Spats" for his preference to tape his ankles by applying the tape over his shoes rather than underneath his socks. Since his retirement from football Lenny has proudly served the Baltimore community while working for the Parks and Recreation Department. He is a lifelong jazz aficionado owning a huge record collection and has enjoyed longtime friendships with many famous jazz players including Duke Ellington.

Helmet Hut is honored to display the last helmet Lenny Moore wore when he retired from the Baltimore Colt's after the 1967 season. This helmet is a Riddell Model "TK-2" and the inside of the shell is stamped with a 1965 manufacturing date. A second stamp indicates that the helmet was reconditioned by the Riddell factory after the 1966 season. The player numerals reflect the correct font and size that the team switched to in the late 1960s. Also the navy blue color of the numerals, horseshoe decals and center stripe are a slightly lighter shade than what was used in the mid 1950s through the mid 1960s. The most unusual aspect of this helmet is the original late 1950s "BD-9" plastic two bar facemask which lacks the two small vertical support bars that were later added to all "BD-9" masks in its second year of production. When we asked him if there was some special reason why his last helmet had such an old and outdated facemask attached Lenny replied in his usual humble manner, "I just wore whatever they handed me."