1959 Billy Wilson
(Game Worn)


Billy Wilson is probably one of the best receivers who is not in the H.O.F. He had 10 outstanding seasons with the Forty Niners, including 6 Pro Bowl appearances, before retiring after the 1960 season with more catches than any other receiver other than Don Hutson. Billy wore this Riddell model "TK-5" in 1959 and 1960. It features a six point suspension webbing, concussion padding accessory, painted on stripes and has a stamped "9" to reflect its 1959 manufacturing date. Look closely and you will see several specs of blue paint showing through the silver painted shell. The helmet was previously painted blue for his 1959 Pro Bowl appearance (the Eastern Conference helmets were painted red) then reconditioned for the 1960 season by repainting silver. The Forty Niners predominately wore Wilson helmets during the 1950s but Billy disliked the Wilson helmet because he felt it was too flimsy and insisted on wearing a Riddell.