Dale Hackbart

1965 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
(Authentic Reproduction)

Dale has been a dear friend for almost a decade now and we have enjoyed working with him and sharing stories.  If it wasn't for a severe elbow injuring while playing baseball at Wisconsin, Dale's entire career would have been a lot different.  With scouts waiting in the wings to sign him to an "un-real" contract for the time, everything changed on that dive for a baseball.  Being the great humble person he is, the stories he shares aren't always about his great sports career as this Blue Bombers story indicates.

"I should have played in the 1965 Gray Cup game, but Bud Grant removed me from the roster Saturday evening before the game.  My Wife, Mother & Father, Aunt and Uncle, Mother/Father in Law drove to the game from Madison WI.  I stayed with them the night before the game and Bud informed me at 10:00am Sunday morning (day of game) that he cut me.  I had to go out and buy a ticket and find my family…Ha Ha.   Three days later I re-joined the MN Vikings and the rest is History."