Redskins Return to the Lombardi "R"


It wasn't Charlie Haraway #31 that opened up the game with a return kick off or Mike Bragg #4 punting or even Billy Kilmer #17 under center; but the 2007 Redskins in probably the most authentic throwback uniforms yet.  Last winter we heard that the 75 year anniversary was to include a return of the classic "R" helmet and uniforms.   Helmet Hut was eager to help with the complete art work, decals and numbers for the throw back helmets.  Most teams will not go the extra effort of applying the correct era numbers but we were happy the Skins and Brad Berlin (Equipment Manager) decided to go that extra mile.  Yes we know they were in the wrong place but let's face it, 35 years ago they did not have to contend with an American Flag, NFL, Team name, Green Dot and Surgeons Warning stickers.


Practice the week before


Game worn helmet

Vince Lombardi while with the Redskins