Myron Pottios

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Is Proud to Announce Their New
Collection Manager


Sorry, we are just kidding but the image of Myron Pottios "managing" the past due accounts gives new meaning to the phrase -- extreme collection pressure.
Myron provided the toughness to the Redskin's legendary "Over-the-Hill-Gang" and still is tough as nails. He suffered numerous broken noses by refusing to wear a vertical protective bar facemask that he felt would compromise his field of vision, and that one baseball didn't help either. But just like most truly tough guys Myron is one of the most pleasant and deep thinking people you could ever meet. After a standout collegiate career at Notre Dame he was drafted by the Steelers and made three Pro Bowls during his stay there. In 1966 he was traded to the Rams and was an integral part of the unforgettable defensive squad that was fronted by the fabled "Fearsome Foursome." When former Ram's head coach George Allen was hired by the Redskins in 1971, one of the first things he did was reacquire Myron and some of his well preserved teammates in the famous trade involving 15 players or draft choices.  After an outstanding 13 year professional career Myron retired from the Skins after the 1973 season. 
It was a great pleasure for us to help Myron fill in the missing pieces to his collection of helmets from his football career. We were able to supplement his game used Rams and Redskins "R" helmets with authentic reproductions of his Notre Dame, Steeler and Redskins "Indian-head" helmets. Of the many former players that we have had the privilege of working with Myron is one of the few who could recall almost every detail about each of the helmets he wore.  And that fact alone makes him one of our favorites.  Mr. Pottios will always have an unlimited credit limit on the Helmet Hut books -- after all, who is going to tell him no?

2007 Follow up

We are very thankful and honored that Mr. Pottios has stayed in touch with us over the years.  He continues to share great memories of his playing days and some of the things he is going through today.  We just heard he was Inducted in to the Pennsylvania State HOF and the Steelers ALL TIME legends team (1933 -1970)