New Hanover High School

1953 Sonny Jurgensen
(Authentic Reproduction)

Many years ago we worked with Sonny to complete his career helmet collection since sadly he didn't keep any. But let's be honest, not many players did from that era. When we finally came across some of his HS game shots we felt this would truly complete the life long collection.

Using some original parts we were able to duplicate New Hanover's helmet design for 1953.  Sonny wore the Riddell RT2 with 6 point suspension, leather jaw wraps and two tone leather chinstrap.  The helmet was burnt orange with a single black stripe.  Yes a simple design but an intricate helmet.  Most do not realize the RT2 was made up of 70 individual parts.

High School's haven't change much in almost 60s years.  The player voted most athletic played all three sports and got the girl, even though this one seemed to pack a punch.  Of course these HS sport stars all went on to be NFL HOF greats as Sonny.  Well, not so much.


As always it is a great pleasure to work with Mr. Jurgensen and if we can bring a smile and a couple good memories, well we did our job.  So Sonny, add it to the end of the line.