Louisiana State University

Billy Cannon
1959 Heisman



Billy's 1959 game helmet and Helmet Hut's reproduction


Billy Cannon liked the Helmet Hut authentic reproduction of his "Heisman" helmet so much that he enthusiastically offered to sign a limited quantity of them which we are proud to exclusively offer to our loyal readers.
Helmet Hut was honored to accept a recent invitation to visit Billy and see his personal keepsakes from his legendary gridiron career. We are excited to share with you these "behind the scenes," photographs of our special adventure.

It was a magic moment when Billy pulled out the actual helmet he wore throughout his glorious college playing days and placed it next to the Helmet Hut authentic reproduction. The brilliant glow of the reproduction reminded Billy of his LSU gamer which before each contest was also freshly repainted. "It feels like someone just turned back the clock more than 40 years" exclaimed Billy.  It was also a big thrill to see the actual helmets he wore during his professional career but there  was an unmistakable special sparkle in Billy's eyes whenever he handled the gold one with the distinctive purple and white stripes.

If interested in any of these LSU or Cannon signed helmets please click on the photos below.