"Hey Doc, It's just like the helmet that I wore" 
              -- Vols' Head Coach Phillip Fulmer with legendary trainer
Dr. Ken Leistner ("Dr. Ken")



You can add the Vols' brilliant head coach Phillip Fulmer to the growing list of football icons that proudly display in their office a Helmet Hut authentic reproduction of the helmet they wore during their playing days.
Legendary strength coach and trainer Dr. Ken Leistner ("Dr. Ken") was in to Knoxville recently to serve as master of ceremonies for the 23rd Annual University of Tennessee Strength and Conditioning Clinic.  During his visit "Dr. Ken" was invited to meet with Coach Fulmer to discuss new-sprung training techniques and protective equipment. "Dr. Ken" is considered the "father" and guru of the modern day strength and training profession. 
After hearing "Dr. Ken" discuss the evolving technology that supports the contemporary football helmet design Coach Fulmer could not resist pulling out the "old school" style Riddell "RK" suspension helmet that he wore as an outstanding lineman for the Vols from 1969 to 1971. "Dr. Ken" could certainly appreciate Coach Fulmer's affinity with this character laden helmet of the past. "Dr. Ken" had also worn the same style headgear as a running back for the University of Cincinnati during the same era.
Hemet Hut is very proud that Coach Fulmer keeps this authentic helmet reproduction on display in his office. Perhaps it will help bring him the same good fortune realized by LSU head coach Nick Saban who after having Helmet Hut provide authentic reproductions of vintage LSU helmets for his office went on to win this years national championship. Is it possible that the positive vibes generated by these great old style helmets are even strong enough to offset the Sports Illustrated cover shot curse? If so, coaches hoping for a championship team are welcome to contact Helmet Hut prior to this upcoming season.