Weird Al Yankovic


We could go down the obvious road and speak about the weird and interesting things that have happened to Helmet Hut over the last decade.  We could talk about the weird problems that have arisen in building molds and fixtures.  We could discuss the very weird helmet designs that our factory has had to build and certainly we could share the weird emails that we have received.  But to help the king of weird,  the ultimate in weird, yes that's right.... the one and only Alfred Matthew Yankovic was a true treat.

Last we heard the project is still in filming.  So not to disclose any details, Al needed an open face early model helmet in a light gold color with purple stripe.  There were modifications to the internal suspension to accommodate, in Weird Al's own words,  "I've got big hair man, big hair".   Little scuffing up and Al was ready to Fly.

After working with Universal Pictures and building hundreds of helmets for the movie "The Express" we were wondering how in the world we would ever be able to top that and then came along Weird Al.   In all seriousness, and if you have seen his work that is hard to do, Mr. Yankovic has a wonderful voice and true artistic talent of his day.   Since his first-aired song parody in 1979, he has sold more than 12 million albums, more than any other comedy act in history. Recorded more than 150 parody and original songs and has performed more than 1,000 live shows. His works have earned him three Grammy Awards among nine nominations, four gold records, and six platinum records in the United States.