"The Sabol Hut"
Guess what the NFL Films czar displays in his office?
Sports Business Journal, the leading publication for the business side of the world of sports, publishes an ongoing column featuring the office and furnishings of icons in the sports business industry. In a recent issue the office of the head of NFL Films, Steve Sabol, was featured. NFL Films was founded by Ed Sabol, Steve's father, in the early 1960's and it has grown from a small family business into a billion dollar corporation. Steve Sabol has spent his entire career with the company and has been a major contributor to its remarkable success.
Steve has enjoyed unlimited access to the world of professional football for almost fifty years and it is almost impossible to imagine the countless amount of sports memorabilia that has been made available to him over the years. Due to space restrictions only his most treasured items could possibly be displayed in his handsome but humble size office.
The Sports Business Journal article details most of Steve's most prized keepsakes. We were extremely proud to discover that positioned right next to his precious "Emmy" television industry award he has placed a very special 1950's Sammy Baugh RT helmet from Helmet Hut!
This is an authentic reproduction of the last helmet that the Hall of Fame quarterback wore for Washington prior to his retirement in 1952. We also happen to know that the helmet is personally autographed by the fabled Mr. Baugh. Steve and NFL Films have filmed some very memorable interviews with the most frank and somewhat caustic Baugh during Sam's retirement years. Sam perfectly fit the description "a man's man" and Steve's interviews with him further confirmed this image. There is no doubt that "Slinging Sammy" left an unforgettable impression on Steve Sabol for both his playing accomplishments and his colorful personality.   
Gosh, we can't stop smiling with pride as we further realize that for Steve each of the items displayed in his office convey a very special meaning or story behind them. Given Steve's unmatched historical exposure to football artifacts his office tribute to Sammy Baugh speaks volumes for his reverence for this legendary quarterback and the "old school" helmet that keeps those memories alive. 
Somewhere in a small rural Texas town tonight that special reverence is being received loud and clear, keeping the old quarterback forever young. Sammy Baugh just recently celebrated his ninety fourth birthday.

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