Dr. Kenneth E. Leistner


It is impossible for anyone to log on
to Helmet Hut without touching a piece of Dr. Ken's work.  He wrote literally hundreds of articles and devoted countless thousands of man hours to our little site.   We truly lost one of the most inspirational, dedicated and loyal friends anyone could have.  His passion for helmets and old school football was without equal, yet this was such a small part of his life.  Dr. Ken is considered one of the true fathers of power lifting.  Other than his faith and family, he always mentioned this is what defined him.  As you browse our site remember Dr. Ken and his efforts to always get the story correct.  Thank you Ken for your friendship and love, you will be missed greatly.


We have compiled all of Dr. Ken's columns over the last 16 years, please click on the button below and hold on to your socks!