Gatorade Commercial

Our goal is to make a great product that helps you remember and relive the past.  Reminiscing a simpler time, watching the great days of football with those special family members.  Insurance companies goals are that you keep these mementoes on the shelf and don't wear them around the house acting a fool.  Of course there are some situations where it is just necessary to put them on.


We were thrilled when little ole Helmet Hut was asked to be involved in Gatorade's latest commercial.  Many hours were involved creating and fitting the helmets for the player in the ad.  The quick moving pace of a TV commercial make it difficult to even know who the teams are. 

Florida we all understand and know, the others were Mississippi State, Northwestern and of course the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dr. Cade was a nephrologist who invented Gatorade back in 1965.  Cade created the drink to rehydrate athletes and replenish carbohydrates.  Over 12 million bottles are consumed a day.  To view the full commercial, click on the picture below.