Earl Morrall





It's just not right for one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to be lacking his helmets.  Earl Morrall played for 6 teams over 21 years and was the leading force in the Miami's perfect season.  Earl is best remembered playing for the Colts and Dolphins, but some may have forgotten his years with the 49ers, Steelers, Giants and Lions.  Earl was able to hang on to only one helmet after his football days were over and that was from Detroit.  After his retirement and finding that old Lions helmet years later in the garage his wife decided to turn it into a planter.  Now not just any planter but a hanging planter.  It only lasted a short while before it was finally thrown out with the garbage. 

Earl's eyes lit up when he saw these beauties.  Time and time again we hear from former players "This is exactly what I wore".      We feel the RK helmet shouldn't be called a throwback, it's the real deal. 

Upon leaving we asked one question,  what direction was the closest landfill?    Thanks again Bobby.