Roger Staubach - 1973
(Game Worn)




What makes a football helmet a classic treasure?  If it instantly inspires an image of the specific player who wore it.
The first featured helmet for this new year surely meets that requirement. 
For the true helmet aficionado these stunning pictures instantly invoke the image of a young dashing Roger Staubach leading America's team to its first Super Bowl victory.
Looking at this well preserved and virtually unblemished beauty its hard to believe that it has been more than 30 years since it was last worn by Roger "the Dodger." This may have been the very last Riddell helmet that he wore. He subsequently switched to the more protective leather padded "Max Pro" helmet for the remainder of his legendary career. This helmet was acquired directly from the team at the start of their 1973 training camp per the request of a high ranking NFL team employee who had roots in Texas. It has never been previously displayed in public or offered at auction and its "unveiling" is exclusive to the loyal readers of Helmet Hut.
This glorious Riddell "TK" suspension helmet has all the unique markings of other early 1970 era Cowboy helmets including factory applied striping and single layer / two color "star" decals. The helmet's manufacturing date code "clock" is stamped inside the shell over the ear hole and correctly reflects the early "Staubach" era. The special padded nose snubber, a very rare and genuine Riddell accessory that was preferred by Roger, strikingly personalizes the front view of the helmet. The famous Cowboy dymo tape "Staubach" nameplate proudly adorns the rear of the helmet The Riddell "BD-9" plastic facemask, with correct slanted style trademark, has been factory installed. Additional facemask mounting holes have been factory drilled in the shell above the nose snubber to accommodate the possibility of a cage style facemask. The original distinctive Cowboy "silver blue" paint hue is still brilliantly evident (in subsequent years the team has virtually eliminated the blue tint from their official helmet color).  
The Cowboy's future new stadium will include a colossal Cowboy Hall of Fame. Upon its completion Helmet Hut will most likely place this great helmet there for permanent display. In the meantime it is reserved strictly for the pleasure of Helmet Hut readers. After all, they are the ones who truly understand why this helmet is a classic treasure!