Jim Brown and the famed Syracuse number "44's


Turning the clock back to 1956 -- an intellectually gifted Syracuse University astronomy student walks uphill to the school's renowned Holden Observatory and peers out to the universe from behind the massive telescope. Within a few moments the sleep deprived undergraduate drifts into a deep slumber. While asleep he experiences the following nightmare that was most likely inspired by his area of study: the distant sun suddenly appears larger and larger as it approaches Earth at time warp speed culminating in a frightening collision that immediately awakens the terrified dreamer.

Less than 100 yards away at historic Archbold Stadium a student from a rival university crouches into a defensive football stance at midfield. He is also about to experience a nightmare. One that he has been experiencing all afternoon; a super-powered man with wide shoulders, streamline waist and tree trunk size legs is rapidly approaching him once again, appearing larger with each stride. Unfortunately, when this student awakens after the inevitable collision his pain will be real and long felt because Jim Brown never performed on a field of dreams.

Jim Brown game worn items are considered to be the most desired pieces of memorabilia in the sport of football. When Helmet Hut announced a few years ago that it had recovered Mr. Brown's long lost 1956 Syracuse helmet from a local Syracuse attic (where it remained packed away for almost 50 years) the story made the national newswires. The College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana is now displaying this same helmet in a major new exhibit featuring Jim Brown along with the other legendary Syracuse number "44" running backs Ernie Davis and Floyd Little.

Helmet Hut readers were the first ones to view the aforementioned Jim Brown helmet soon after its discovery. Helmet Hut readers were also the first group to read Jim Brown's heartfelt, handwritten retirement letter to team owner Art Modell that revealed the mystery behind his decision to quit professional football at the peak of his career. And now, Helmet Hut readers can experience their own piece of the legend of Syracuse number "44." "Gridiron Memories," the exclusive webstore for Helmet Hut, has just introduced authentic reproductions of the actual helmet worn by each of the famed Syracuse number "44" trio. 

The original famed number "44" helmet features a correct vintage Lucite bar facemask, leather chinstrap and crown piece, rugged six point suspension and 31 hole ventilation system. The two subsequent legendary number "44" helmets proudly possess their own unique historical characteristics including accurate helmet numeral positioning and style, tubular style facemasks, protective front nose snubbers and snap in type leather jaw pads. There is nothing generic about these stunning keepsakes. Each helmet captures the essence of a sensational piece of gridiron history and collectively they represent college football's most revered player numeral tradition.

Don't be caught sleeping. Join the group of Helmet Hut readers (who always stay ahead of the pack) and preview these timeless treasures at the " webstore.

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