Helmet Hut Discovers “The Red Carpet”

There was a gala event held last night in South Bend, Indiana as the College Football Hall of Fame hosted the Midwest premier of the major motion picture “The Express” – the life story of Syracuse Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis.

There were over 250 special invited guests to this private affair including your friends at Helmet Hut who produced the vintage helmets that were worn in the movie. They brought some of their vintage Syracuse helmets with them to get autographed. Can you imagine helmet guys finally getting to actually walk the “red carpet” with the leading stars of the movie such as Dennis Quaid and Rob Brown? The fashion reporters roved the carpet asking the dignitaries and movie stars to describe their outfits, accessories and who designed them. Perhaps not fully understanding the nature of the question, the Helmet Hut guys, still clutching their now signed vintage helmet treasures, proudly replied “early Riddell, flared sides, burnt orange hue, navy trim with genuine leather appointments.”

Helmet Hut vintage helmets were predominately displayed throughout the entire film. The helmets may not have been as critical to the plot of “The Express” as say “Bruce” the mechanical shark was to the movie “Jaws.” However, the Helmet Hut attendees may have been just as thrilled and proud as the shark designers were after seeing, for the very first time, how much realism their finished product contributed to the movie.

It was also a perfect opportunity for guests to visit the new “Helmet Wall of Fame” that stunningly encircles the HOF’s recently expanded gift shop. The display features over 40 vintage Helmet Hut reproductions of helmets worn by former Heisman winners.


The festive event included wonderful food and beverages, a press conference, question and answers with the movie principals and a rare and enjoyable opportunity to mingle with famous Hollywood personalities. Most importantly, a truly brilliant and touching movie was premiered at the historic temple where special college football memories are cherished and preserved. Thanks to Katie and Kent for a most appreciative invitation.

If interested in any of these Syracuse helmets please click on the photos below.