Honoring ZONK

"Syracuse rode a great wave in the days of Ben Schwartzwalder and the national championship, Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Floyd Little, Jim Nance . . . a lot of people.   That went for 25 years from beginning to end. So now there's a drop. But now they're starting to work back and it's going to take a long time. I mean, we'd all like to see Syracuse win the national championship every year, but wouldn't that be pretty boring?  Even for an old Orangeman, it would be tough for me. Things change, obviously. We're down at the bottom of the pendulum right now." 

Larry Csonka was honored this past weekend in the carrier dome at half time against South Florida.  As the football program struggles to get a foot hold again in the Big East; the lowering of the #39 jersey, Csonka's words and the standing ovations were a wonderful diversion from the reality of another disappointing season.  A couple months ago Syracuse and sponsor NAPA wanted to bring Larry back to honor and to recognize the achievements of years gone past.   We were also honored Dave Meluni and the other good folks at Syracuse remembered our work with Jim Brown and the #44 retirement  and felt that our helmet would be the perfect gift for Larry and other special dignitaries.


Even after all these many years ole #39 still ranks third in Syracuse rushing history.  But oh how we long for the days when the bruising Larry Csonka would leave players strewn across the defensive back field.  As he mentioned, things do change but not that much when looking at Csonka and that crooked nose.  He really is the living and breathing proof of the old adage, you should have seen the other guys.

If interested in any of these Syracuse helmets please click on the photos below.