"Nebraska Features Vintage Helmets to Honor its Past"


Remember that electric shaving razor advertisement "I liked it so much that I bought the company"? Well, the University of Nebraska did not offer to purchase our little vintage helmet company but they were so thrilled with the recent Historic Helmet release of vintage Husker helmets that they placed them on permanent display alongside their most prestigious and treasured awards that honor their national championship teams and Heisman Trophy winners.
It was a most humbling honor for us when one of our special Helmet Hut friends and lifetime Husker fan, Chris Price, informed us that the school had decided to compliment their 1970 and 1971 National Championship trophy display with authentic "Historic Helmet" reproductions for those legendary teams. There is also a separate display of Historic Helmets that colorfully depicts the history of the various Husker helmet styles.
An interesting tidbit was passed on to us from school representatives regarding the origin of the plain "N" helmet logo that was first used during the 1970 championship season and is still used today. A "NU" logo was used on Husker helmets prior to the 1970 season (1967-1969) and there were no plans to change the design. However, it was discovered just prior to the 1970 season opening game that someone had not ordered enough "U's" to go along with the "N's." As a result of this oversight the team was forced to shorten the helmet logo to just the plain "N." The new condensed look was well received, the team went on to win it all that year and the plain red Nebraska "N" has since become a college football icon. 
The displays are located in the Hall of Champions and Heisman Room inside the West end (main entrance) of the stadium. The helmets were put on display just in time for this year's Husker's Spring game which was attended by almost 60,000 spirited fans (another 20,000 had to be turned away due to the current stadium renovation project that closed off part of the stadium). 
The University of Nebraska program continues to reflect the very best of the today's college football experience. We also congratulate them for their ongoing devotion towards honoring their glorious past.





Special thanks to Boyd Epley and Maggie Thorn

If interested in any of these NU helmets please click on the photos below.