Ron Kramer

  Adds AnotherHutReproduction To His Collection


Ron Kramer, the legendary former University of Michigan All American and Packer and Lion All Pro receiver, has been retired for several years now but he still looks (and sounds) like he could earn a comfortable living collecting past due debts for  one of  those notorious  “family run” Italian businesses from the same East Detroit neighborhood where grew up.   

Just prior to this weekend’s highly anticipated Michigan – Ohio State game Helmet Hut caught up with big Ron at his old eastside Detroit neighborhood and presented him with an authentic reproduction of his 1956 Michigan game helmet complete with a one bar facemask and his player numerals “87” on each side of the famous Michigan wing design (note: Michigan helmet numerals were first introduced that season and lasted until 1969 when they were removed by the new Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler)  

During the 2003 “Paper Lion” reunion Helmet Hut also presented Ron and his former 1960s “Paper Lion” era teammates with authentic reproductions of their Lion’s helmets. Ron was thrilled when he received the Lion helmet but it appeared that his reproduced college gamer was even more special to him. He is still considered one of the school’s greatest athletes. Competing during an era when freshmen were not allowed to play on the varsity squad Ron earned a total of nine varsity letters while excelling at three different sports (football, basketball and track) for Michigan. Ron still remains close to the school and its football program. During the football season he regularly attends practice each Wednesday and brings his homegrown Michigan apples for the players to enjoy.  

After college Ron was drafted by Green Bay and had a highly successful professional career with the Packers and later with his hometown Detroit Lions. When we asked to describe how the legendary Packer coach Vince Lombardi impacted his career Ron responded in his customary brief but insightful manner “Vince effectively polished the skills that my parents had originally given me.” Ron also provided Helmet Hut with his direct, no nonsense style opinions regarding a wide range of subjects including the troubled Michigan economy, the over administration of college sports, and the relative frailness of today’s athletes. 

Ron Kramer was born tough and thus he remains – Helmet Hut feels very fortunate that he likes our helmets! 

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