College Football HOF

Special Announcement From "The College Football Hall of Fame"

The College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana is excited to announce the introduction of its first officially licensed vintage era football helmet. This full size, autographable helmet will be marketed to the college football aficionado and to the rapidly growing sports memorabilia and collectable market.  All sales proceeds from this helmet will be used to help support the College Football Hall of Fame museum. 
The actual helmet is an exact reproduction of the very first plastic shell helmet that was introduced in the 1940s and subsequently worn through the decades by most colleges including such legendary teams as Army, Oklahoma and Ohio State.  Each helmet has been hand crafted using historically correct manufacturing processes and equipment.  The classically shaped slightly flared helmet shell design includes an "old style" riveted in six point suspension webbing system. Other features include the distinctive 32 hold "radio grill" ventilation system and leather appointed chinstrap, crown piece, and jaw pads.  The helmet proudly bears the distinguished College Football Hall of Fame logo which is smartly accented by a single center ridge helmet stripe reminiscent of the simple yet elegant helmet styles of college football's glorious past.
Tradition, as evidenced by the revered Heisman Trophy, is the legacy of college football.  The officially licensed College Football Hall of Fame vintage era helmet is similarly "timeless" which makes it the perfect for autographs of both past, present and future college gridiron heroes (It seems almost sacrilegious trying to preserve the memories of these glorious historical figures on an ever evolving, "high tech," modern era football helmet).
This character laden keepsake helmet is now available for sale at the College Football Hall of Fame gift shop.  In a special arrangement with the College Football Hall of Fame it is also available online at the world renowned website and electronic museum that is dedicated to the historical preservation of vintage era football helmets.  The helmet will initially be made available in two versions; unsigned for the collector who enjoys creating their own autograph themes and starting with the 2005 inductees a signed version featuring the current year's inductee class. In the near future a signed helmet series featuring Hall of Fame members from the same school will also be available.                                                                
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