Hale Irwin
(Authentic Reproduction)




Starting his collegiate football career as a quarterback for Colorado, Hale Irwin eventually moved to the other side of the ball as a defensive back.  When asked what his main sports focus was at the end of his college career, Hale replied "You get 10 tries to answer that question and the first 9 don't count."  Actually it was fair question, he was just being modest.  Hale Irwin was and still is a wonderful and gifted athlete.  Many who know him claim he was a better baseball player than golfer or a football player.

Golf Digest Magazine asked Helmet Hut to help them with this story.  They needed a complete late 60's Colorado uniform,  from chin strap to cleats for one of the greatest golfers of all time.  Helmet Hut supplied Hale's cleats, athletic socks, pants and of course the jewel on his head.  By the way, Hale mentioned while struggling with that old RK "I promised myself I would NEVER put one of these things on again."

Having an opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Hale and his wife Sally, we found them to be extremely gracious and a fun loving couple.  There were some very funny moments with Hale in full combat gear.

Many thanks to Golf Digest editor Matt Ginella for allowing Helmet Hut to be a small part of this article.  Also a big thanks goes to Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated photographer Joey Terrill, who truly could be one of the nicest people on the face of the earth.

Now Helmet Hut readers... get out there and pick up a copy of Junes 2003  issue of Golf Digest.  We are trying to negotiate a percentage on every magazine sold ;-)


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