Baylor University

Somewhere between San Antonio and Dallas is a very small quiet town. Cruising on route 35 you could zoom right past it if you weren't paying attention; possibly trying to find something other than country music on the radio... uhhh, but that never happened.   Sadly Waco Texas congers up memories of the Branch Davidian conflict other than the true heart of the city, Baylor University.

After our extensive research and work with our dear friend David Case, assistant E.M., (below) on the helmet history of Baylor, we were thrilled to view the collection in its entirety first hand.  The helmets are positioned in such a place that each player must walk by them every day to the locker room.  In an age of ESPN highlights and the glorification of these great players, we hope this display is a bit of a reminder that many came before, and they were just as tough with less protective gear.  Players like Bill Glass, Ronnie Bull, Lawrence Elkins and the great Mike Singletary to name a few.  We are the first to understand it is not the helmet but the players and memories they represent.



Taking a tour of the facilities we realized why wood is so rare and expensive these days.   Baylor takes great pride in their student athletes and treats them accordingly.  The entire campus, including their huge bookstore was adorned in oak and architecturally beautiful.   The Bears locker room was no exception. 



shameless plug!

When told "guys, come down to visit anytime you like", we said this is a no brainer.  Why not against their biggest rivals (and also good friends) Texas A&M.  This was the 107th meeting of the "Battle of the Brazos"  the most-played series in Baylor football history.  This rivalry dates back to 1899 and the two teams have played every season since 1931 except for the 1943 and 1944 seasons when Baylor did not field a team due to World War II.  Now rivalries are some what the same no matter where you go; tailgating and the good natured harassment of each others team colors. But pulled pork nachos and original formula Dr. Pepper,  from the home of Dr. Pepper, Waco Texas?   Ohhhh... it was heaven and the game wasn't bad either.




Cooler than a normal evening for the central part of Texas but just perfect for BIG 12 football.




Our good friend Matt Watson, the E.M. at Texas A&M with a  future Baylor recruit.  In Texas, if you are good player, they will pull you right off the other sidelines, just kidding NCAA!!!  If interested click here to view A&M's helmet history we did for Matt and the team a while back.


This jewel of a campus sits tucked away in one of our largest states.  It really is true, if you want to be warmly welcomed and treated special, visit the good people in Texas.  Baylor University is no exception... they are the rule.

If interested in any of these Baylor helmets please click on the photos below.