"Mr. Outside" and His Plastic Helmet

1924 - 2005



It is a sad but reflective day at Helmet Hut headquarters because of the passing of Army's legendary Heisman Trophy winner Glenn Davis -- "Mr. Outside."  His outstanding records and achievements will be recapped in countless news stories this week but we choose to remember him in a simpler but perhaps more meaningful way.
In the mid 1940s, College Football had suddenly became a prestigious national spectator sport that helped to perpetuate the heroic spirit shared by the millions of men who were returning to our shores after so bravely defending our country. As for the nation's youth, there was no more effective geography teacher than the nationwide spread of interstate college football rivalries. While a young man in a rural Kansas schoolhouse would soon forget his teacher's lessons about the City of Philadelphia and its historical importance to the country, that same student would forever remember it because the illustrious Army / Navy game was played there almost every year. 
During this unforgettable decade the plastic football helmet was just being introduced by Riddell. Army was one of the very first team's to wear this revolutionary new design. The memory of Glen Davis wearing that handsome reflective gold helmet with the distinctive black center stripe while gallantly leading the ledgendary Army team to another crucial victory is no less a national treasure than General Patton and his "downward tilted" infantry helmet, President Lincoln and his tall black top-hat, John Wayne and his white cowboy hat and John Glenn floating in space with the earth's reflection dominating his visor shield. 
Several years ago the NBA chose to memorialize the image of Jerry West (perhaps their own version of "Mr. Outside") and his positive impact on their sport with a special permanent patch on their uniforms. College Football would be well served to adopt a similar patch bearing the likeness of Mr. Glenn Davis wearing that classic Riddell "RT" plastic helmet.
We will never forget the special brilliance of College Football, Army and Glenn Davis in the mid 1940s, an era in which even the helmets started to shine!

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