Kansas City's Hall Of Honor

In a season that opened with exciting games and the usual anticipation of championships by fans across the nation, the 2010 season is also one marked by the opening of a number of individual team Halls Of Fame or Halls Of Honor. For some, the opening of a new stadium or the renovation of their existing stadium ushered in an accompanying Hall to pay homage to the stars of the past and in other cases, perhaps it was just the right time to recognize greats who did not receive the type of widespread respect that their careers deserved. Already hailed as one of the best is the Kansas City Chiefs Hall Of Honor, one overflowing with memorabilia, photos, and videos that has captured the entire history of the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs wonderful history and the individuals who have brought distinction to the club. Reflecting the first class character represented by Chiefs founder and owner, the late Lamar Hunt, the Chiefs Hall Of Honor has more and gives more to the visitor.

The Chiefs’ former Director Of Public Relations Bob Moore was known throughout the league as a Civil War expert, a true historian so it was only fitting that he make a lateral move within the organization to become the official team historian, cataloguing and then selecting the appropriate items for the public’s delight. We spent hours with Bob trading ideas on how exactly these helmets should be built and displayed.  No part of the museum was taken lightly. He did a masterful job as every item jumps out at the visitor to give a vivid and meaningful picture of the Chiefs history and Mr. Hunt’s importance to the NFL.  Also many artifacts from Lou Lampson personal AFL collection were put on display to capture the era.  As one is bathed in red and gold inside the Hall, its easy to forget that Hunt’s original choice of team colors was actually Columbia blue and orange but once the Houston Oilers owner Bud Adams snatched Columbia blue as his own, the classy red and gold became the immediate symbol and association for the Chiefs.

For HELMET HUT readers, the beautiful helmet reproductions (from your humble little helmet shop) that join the game worn helmets from the team’s initial outing in 1960 through the present day, with accompanying memorabilia from their many stars that travel through the decades from Johnny Robinson, Otis Taylor, and Sherrill Headrick to Art Still, Derron Cherry, and Priest Holmes is breathtaking. Of course the Chiefs who have been enshrined into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame are prominently featured, and their names cold very much provide the backbone of greatness for the American Football League and the excitement they brought to fans. Bobby Bell, Len Dawson, and Buck Buchanan with Coach Hank Stram were there in the early days. Willie Lanier and his distinctive facemask and reinforced externally padded helmet ushered in the next “wave” of Chiefs history with kicker Jan Stenerud and defensive back Emmitt Thomas. With Derrick Holmes bringing the Hall Of Fame Chiefs into the modern era, the representation is continuous and impressive. The addition of the many great Chiefs who have earned their way into the team’s Hall truly gives a view of an extraordinary history. Video presentations of so many historic events, including Abner Hayne’s infamous “We’ll kick to the clock” moment to the lesser known Headrick and Dave Hill information makes this a stop for all football fans. We are reminded that the Chiefs history includes Jim Lynch, Johnny Robinson, and others that perhaps should be in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. The great helmets are the cherry that tops the sundae that is one of the best of all of the team historical presentations.