San Diego Chargers

"Gear Through the Years"  Includes some Helmet Hut Stuff

The San Diego Chargers and Helmet Hut have enjoyed a great friendship over the past several years and we were very excited to be involved in their recently completed Hall of Fame / Team History permanent display which is located at their beautiful new team headquarters.


Bob Wick, the Charger’s equipment manager, first asked for our assistance a few years ago when the team decided to bring back their famous 1960’s style uniforms on a periodic basis for regular season games. These glorious uniforms were originally reintroduced in 1994 as most NFL teams wore their throwback uniforms for a few games that season to help celebrate the league’s 75th anniversary. Although the Charger’s 1994 throwback uniforms were quite stunning and very close to the style of the original 1960’s version there were still minor flaws. Their distinctive 1960’s style black 3” tall thin rounded style helmet numerals were incorrectly reproduced in 1994 by using  2.5” tall digits with a slightly different font style. Their famous “lightning bolt” helmet logos were also incorrect. The original 1960’s bolt color was chrome yellow trimmed in navy and the reproduced bolts were a much brighter shade of yellow. The reproduced bolts were about an inch shorter that the original version. To his credit, Bob wanted the throwback uniform to be as accurate as possible. Helmet Hut provided Bob with an accurate set of 1960’s helmet numerals and “lightning bolt” logos to replicate and now the markings on their throwback helmets are virtually identical to the original 1960’s version.

Helmet Hut also provided the Chargers with a rare navy colored one bar plastic facemask for their veteran quarterback Doug Flutie. Doug who is very “old school” actually served as the team’s back up kicker and carried the one bar mask with him in the hopes that he would be put into a game as the kicker. He also wore the one bar mask while serving as the Charger’s backup quarterback for a game against the Raiders.

When the Chargers hired local football researcher and author Todd Tobias (see below) to lead a redecoration project of the team business offices that focused on the franchise’s rich history, it seemed only natural that they also asked Helmet Hut to provide authentic helmet reproductions for the same project. Please enjoy these pictures reflecting the evolution of one of the most famous and beautiful uniforms in the history of sports.  Thanks again Todd.


Bombs Away!


If interested in Todd's books please click on this link or the pictures above.