San Diego Chargers

2003 Throwback


On the third game of the 2003 season against the Baltimore Ravens, the Chargers wore their classic light blue jerseys and yellow lighting bolts.  Bob Wick equipment manager of the San Diego Chargers was never happy with the throwback decals and numbers the team used in the past.  After receiving a "Helmet Hut" Lance Alworth piece for his personal collection, he asked us if he could get those decals and numbers for their 2003 throwback game.    Months later in an auction one of our faithful readers and good friend Craig Kondrashoff purchased the helmet of Jason Ball, San Diego's center.  What goes around comes around, thanks Craig for sharing!


On an interesting side note, Bob Wick called us a few weeks later and asked if he could get two classic Riddell one bars painted blue.  We said of course, but why?  Bob explained that Doug Flutie is the only member of the team that is allowed by the NFL's grandfather clause to use this outlawed mask.  Come to find out Doug loves to use them in practice and always keeps them in his bag just in case the need arises in a game.  Below is a shot of him at the Raiders / Chargers pre game.   Please Doug, stick to the full face mask and be able to do those commercials.